Garageband for PC

GarageBand vs. Logic Pro X

With the availability of so many applications for any given action, users often seem to be confused and all messed up on coming to one concrete app for use. There are people who feel GarageBand for Windows is a better suite app while others feel Logic Pro to be a better one. Here is a comparison on ground of features and an overall appeal, let us see who wins it!

Garageband for PC


For all the times you actually wish to come up with some really cool music and you need an audio producing app for the same, you can always rely on GarageBand as it comes along with OS X with some really cool tools to choose from.

Apple also has Logic Pro X which comes at a hefty price of £149.99 which is actually not really a great idea for all the people out there.

If an app like GarageBand is available for free then why to pay for something else?

The Sculpture Tool in Logic Pro

Not everyone might seem this coming, Logic comes with a full profession suite with some really amazing sound creation tools including the likes of Space Designer, EXS24 Sampler, Ultrabeat Drum synthesizer; not available on GarageBand. One of the most coolest among them is sculpture tool which claims can create the sounds of vibrating objects such as glass, wood, metal, etc.

A feature which is now common in both is the Drummer.

The Interface

Well, whenever you use any given application, the user interface always holds its own importance. These applications look quite the same while they both share similar kinds of an overall view, project creation methods and also a common code base.

Both these programs have a single window operation design and hence eliminating any sort of confusions with the availability of multiple windows. Whatever youw ant, you simply need to click on it. Logic on the other hand however, does have an option to create spaces similar to that of Windows style and allow you to set features open.

Flex Time in GarageBand

Flex Pitch will help you have an overll control on the vocal and live instruments. The Flex time in GarageBand allows you to execise detailed control over the editing, effects and many other features.


Logic Pro X might seem to be a little complicated if one doesn’t knows what the user wants from the application. You can always make use of online manuals! Hence, considering all of the features and an overall inference, one should go with GarageBand if he/she needs a cheap as well as abic app. For those who are in search of some serious music making or may be some fancy tones and modules, Logic Pro X would be an ideal choice!

whatsapp 4

6 cool WhatsApp tricks and tips you must know!

Not everyone knows about all the WhatsApp tips and tricks. The ones who do know might not know all of them. Have a look at the best tips and tricks WhatsApp has in line:

whatsapp 4

  1. Getting rid of the unwanted messages: For the times you wish to have complete peace or be selectively available, you can simply mute the groups or chat notifications you want to stay away from!

To mute group chats on Android, simply visit the group, go to the settings menu and hit mute, you can choose the time period for which you wish to mute the group. From 8 hours to one year!

On your iPhones you need to visit the group info screen and from there select the mute option along with the time frame for the same.

On Android

  1. Checking on who read your messages in groups: Well, read receipts are a boon or bane for various people as far as personal chats are concerned. Well, what if you can keep an eye on groups too.

On Android, you can long press the message you sent and then from the top menu bar that appears along with copy and forward options, select the ‘i’ icon and check who read your messages.

On the iPhones, the same can be done by simply swiping the message to the right and see delivery and receipt status.

  1. Saving Data by disabling media: You can choose when the downloads are automatic and when they are to be done manually.

On your Android you can simply do it by going to settings followed by chat settings and specifying the kind of media downloads you wish.

You can do the same on iPhones too!

  1. Making use of WhatsApp Web: This wasn’t a feature available since the beginning. You can simply upload pictures via webcam, gallery or drive!
  1. Hiding last seen and delivery receipts: Not always do you want people to keep a track of your online timings, and/or current activity. You can easily change it to nobody, everyone or My contacts depending on your convenience.

However you need to remember that when you turn off the read receipts, you won’t be able to see whether the other person has read your messages or not either.

  1. Changing your number: When you change the SIM, it isn’t necessary to change your WhatsApp number too. You can simply use WhatsApp on the existing number with the current SIM card.

Also, when you wish to change the number too, you can do it quite easily.

On Android go to Menu > Settings > Account > Change Number follow the instructions!

The same steps are to be followed on iPhone as well!

And that is was all about WhatsApp tips and tricks that you should make use of when you are stuck in the middle of a dicey situation. For those whom know them already, keep WhatsApping!

How to Get Refund On Google Play Store Apps

You have bought an app on Google Play store and you don’t like that app much. You must be wondering if that app can be returned against refund but you don’t know how. Then you have landed on right page. This article will make you learn to get refund on Google Play store.


Sometimes people buy apps on Google Play store without thinking too much. After using those apps, they realize this is not what they were seeking. You will give a thought to returning the app but then wondering this is not possible to get refund for that app. You will be glad to know there is way to get refund for Google Store apps.

This guide will help you to get refund for your Google Play store app. You can return it to the developer against your refund.

But make sure to have valid claim, as developer put a lot of efforts in making any app.

So without taking any further time, let’s proceed.

  • First thing to do is opening your Google Play store App.
  • Next thing to do is tapping on Menu Now tap on My Account.
  • Afterwards you will have list of all downloaded and purchased apps in front of you. Now tap on the app you want to return back to the developers.
  • Now you just have to tap on
  • Now you will have some initial on screen steps to follow for getting refund.
  • So these were simple steps to get refund for Google Play store app.

I am sure you must be surprised to check this guide. Because I also did not know how to get refund for Google Play store app. I know how much I was glad to know this information.

So keep sharing this article on your social profiles so a lot of people can have refunds whenever they want. You can comment below in case of any query or feedback. Keep visiting for more details.

Five top gaming laptops in 2015 – Review

The choice of platform for gaming depends upon consoles for any average person. But there are gaming maniacs who are very serious about their gaming stuff. They will always prefer high performance desktops for experiencing gaming with great quality.


But sometimes there game enthusiasts have to travel and then gaming laptops come handy. Obviously laptops do not provide experience same to desktops. To cope up with this problem, companies are making high performance laptops for gaming maniacs.

There are some features of gaming laptops which are present in almost every gaming laptop. Like gaming laptops have high performance CPUs like Intel Core i5 or i7. The screens of these laptops are bigger than other type consisting upon 15 to 18 inches. These laptops have best 3D graphics cards for great gaming experience such that Nvidia GeForce GRX 780M of AMD Radeon HD 8870M. Obviously gaming takes a lot of time and you don’t want to burn your laptop. So gaming laptops are designed to bear the thermal pressure.

Check below some latest best Gaming Laptops for year 2015.

Digital Storm Krypton:

Digital Storm Krypton is affordable to buy as its price is $2,279 which comes in mid range. For top notch performance, this laptop is equipped with latest Nvidia and Intel Core. It has great sound quality that can be amplified for headphones. The complaint about this laptop is its generic design with plastic construction.

MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 3K:

This is another mid range laptop pricing $2,199. As per its price, it has many features that are real delight for gamers. You can customize back lighting on this laptop as per your choice. Its keyboard has anti ghosting and is very slim plus light. Gamer loves durability of this laptop as it consists of aluminum structure. This laptop is equipped with latest Nvidia graphics card and Intel Core i7 for high performance.

MSI GT70 2PC Dominator:

This mid range is bigger than other laptops as having screen of 17 inches. You can buy this laptop for $2,351. Like other gaming laptops, this comes with latest Nvidia and Intel hardware. Its keyboard has multicolor back lighting. Network adaptor provides online gaming experience.

Origin EON17-(2014):

It’s pretty expensive yet powerful gaming laptop priced at $3,676. Obviously it is not perfect but gamer over looked its flaws due to high performance. It has extremely powerful Intel Core i7-4930MX CPU alongwith dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M graphics card. Gamers love this laptop for its speed and space.

Razer Blade:

This mid range laptop has price tag of $1,999. Razer blade provides great gaming experience as equipped with Intel Core i7 CPU and Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card.